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I am creative and analytical person that takes a systematic approach to accomplishing my projects. My personality is rather grounded, light hearted and patient; I enjoy getting to know people, making it easy for me to get along with most anyone. I have a relatively large amount of experience from a variety of organizations, large and small, domestic and international, public and private, trade and consumer focused, charitable and for-profit .. from which I am able to pull from those experiences and use in whatever comes up. I am quick to adapt and look to figure out why things are done on a micro and macro level. As an empathic person, I am always trying to put myself in the shoes of whoever I am communicating with whether co-worker or customer.

I grew up in the land of (almost) endless sunshine, Disneyland, and the beach; Orange County, CA. We now live in the UK, on the edge of the Nortumberland countryside near Newcastle-upon-Tyne where my wife grew up. We enjoy a good explore, the beach, dancing in the kitchen, and lots of cake!

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