Hotel for Dogs: Viral Website and iPhone app

As part of the Worldwide DVD release of the DreamWorks Pictures & Nickelodeon Movies film Hotel for Dogs came up with the idea for customers to "Make Your Dog a Star" where they could add their own dog into: a scene from the film, along with a printable DVD insert and Poster; the website was stickered on millions of DVDs. Additionally, using assets featuring dog "talent" from the film, created an iPhone app that had one of four dogs lick "clean" users screen. Directly oversaw the digital campaigns for the USA and Australian markets, while distributing all XML based assets for the rest of our global distribution territories for easy modifications in different languages and local needs. Working with Paramount Legal Dept., website was COPPA compliant as a children's online safety.

Project Included:

  • "Make Your Dog A Star" Global Viral Site
  • iPhone Dog Screen "Cleaning" App
  • Assets for Promotional Partners with HP and Glade
  • Mobile Txt-2-Win Sweepstakes featured in People Magazine

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